Days For Girls Fundraiser April 14

Imagine not being able to go to school or work or even leave the house for five days or more a month.  Imagine feeling ashamed of soiling your clothes and being humiliated or exploited by others for the lack of feminine hygiene.  This is why I am holding another fundraiser for the nonprofit 100% volunteer organization Days For Girls International.  They provide washable reusable kits that have what a girl would need to get her through the five days or more of her menstrual period.  One of these kits could last for several years. Volunteer sewers and assemblers from all over the world put the pieces together.  Some make beautiful carrying bags, some make pads and some provide soap, wash cloths  and assemble the kits to ship off all over the planet.  They help train others to make kits and try to do everything in a sustainable way.  Please go to their website at to learn more about what they do.

So back to the fundraiser.  This Saturday April 14th from 12-4 pm, I am having a community acupuncture fundraiser for Days For Girls. This will be community style acupuncture in chairs using acupuncture points on the lower legs, arms and ears.  No appointments necessary just come on in and have a seat.  If you have never been to acupuncture before, no worries, it will be very gentle and relaxing. I am asking a minimum donation of $10 but you can certainly bring more and I won’t check to see what you bring.  100% of the donations will go to Days For Girls.  Just show up and bring lots of friends, I want to be very busy!  If you are worried about needles, I have some very attractive gold-plated beads I can put on some acupuncture points in your outer ear. You can wear them for up to one week.

I hope to see you Saturday!

Peace and love,


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