Schedule Appointments From Our Web Site!

I’m excited to report that we’ve recently given all of our patients the ability to manage your own appointments online!

Patients can now schedule appointments directly from my, and also from my Facebook page.

Today I’ll walk you through scheduling from my web site – and I’ll do a followup post on how to schedule from Facebook soon. Please contact me if you run into any questions!

So far, many of my patients have already been benefiting from this feature. Our goal is to make your experience as smooth as possible, so please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think!


How to schedule appointments from :

Step 1: From anywhere on the web site,, click the blue tab on the far right that says ‘SCHEDULE NOW’ (circled in purple) –
schedule now tab


Step 2: Choose the type of appointment you’d like to schedule. If you’re not sure, choose ‘Return Acupuncture Visit’.
appointment type


Step 3: Choose an available (i.e. non-greyed-out) day to schedule your appointment. Note that you can press right and left arrows to change the month you’re currently viewing.
choose a day


Step 4: Once you’ve clicked on an available date, you’ll see that all open times for that day appear on the right side of the screen. Click on the time of your choice.

Step 5: Confirm your appointment. If you’d like to include a personal note to me (Jill Likkel, acupuncturist), please feel free to write a note here before you confirm your appointment. Please be aware that anything you write in this step will not be 100% secure; it’s intended for messages that are not highly sensitive.
confirm appointment

That’s it! You will immediately receive a confirmation email, and another email reminder the day prior to your appointment.

Please remember that you are more than welcome to continue using my phone service to make your appointments. They can be reached at  (360) 483-3728.

I am looking forward to hearing your feedback on our new system! Thanks,